This Honey Orchid Oolong is picked from a specific medium leaf tea tree variety closely related to Famous Wuyi Mountain Shui Xian Oolong with tall trunks that make harvesting its leaves quite difficult. The unique tea trees were cited in Song Dynasty Tribute Tea Records of the 11th and 12th Centuries. It is said that the tea trees were once guarded by soldiers and that the harvests were strictly reserved for only the various Emperors of China since the Song Dynasty. This Special Chinese Oolong Tea has a playful floral and nectar like aroma reminiscent of ripened peaches and apricots that takes on a different intensity and character with each consecutive infusion. These same aromatic qualities will linger on the palate long after your cup has been emptied. This prize grade of Honey Orchid has a subtle dryness that complements its orchid, peach and floral notes much like a dry-fruity wine.


Health benefits of consuming oolong tea:

  • Contain a higher number of polyphenols

  • Polyphenols protect the body against cell damage

  • Very effective in controlling metabolism

  • Oolong tea may act as a powerful antioxidant, which may help prevent the effects of aging

  • Contains caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine (similar to caffeine), which on consumption, may stimulate the nervous system.

  • Helps Fight Obesity and Promote Weight Loss

  • Promoting superior bone structure

  • Supports the heart system

  • May helps digestion

  • May reduces cholesterol

oolong Tea*

To use:
300 ml, 80-90 celsius, 1 sachet, 3-5 min

*Certified Organic by: ECOCERT SA


2 grams x 15 sachets

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70 grams

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2 grams x 50 sachets

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