English breakfast tea is a classic black tea that is actually made from different blends of tea, such as Assam,Kenyan and Ceylon which are derived from different locales like Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, India, and Malawi. We apply one of the famous congou black teas produced in North Fujian Province among mountain Wuyi to complete this British tea classic. The highest grades of this tea have a natural Lychee aroma. Lower grades will always be smoked by pine needles and get a stronger flavor as well as beautiful tea liquor. English breakfast tea is actually a delicious blend that can be enjoyed any time of the day. This drink can be blended with lemon or milk. Since it’s made from black tea, it’s obvious that this tea blend has caffeine.

Health benefits of consuming black tea:

  • Promoting superior bone structure

  • Supports the heart system

  • May helps digestion

  • May be able to fight against plaque formation

  • May help prevent cavities

  • May help prevent various cancers, such as prostate, mouth and stomach cancer

  • Contain number of polyphenols which may reduce cholesterol

black tea*

To use:
300 ml, 100 Celsius, 1 sachet, 3 min

*Certified Organic by: ECOCERT SA


2 grams x 15 sachets

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100 grams

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2 grams x 50 sachets

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