About Tea

Gatamo, a cup of luxury


Gatamo tea is about high quality tea experience. But what is high quality in this sense? First of all, it means that our ingredients in tea blends are chosen carefully and contains not tea leaf pieces but whole ones. Moreover, tea comes from the best places, and some blends contain exclusively organic elements such as oolong and Hello Mint. 


Among our teas one may find the old classics like jasmine green tea and English breakfast tea. But we are continuously extending our products, in autumn 2019 we launched 10 new tea blends. Our concept was creating unique, special tastes which had never seen before. That is how we created Raspberry Heaven, a black tea with raspberry pieces or Love is in tea fruit tea, containing rose petals, pomegranate seeds and hibiscus.

But while we were dreaming our new tastes, we created three pregnancy teas as well, giving some opportunities for the mom-to-bes. Every one of them is a perfect choice during pregnancy or after giving birth, and has different health benefits.


Quality can not only mean premium ingredients, but it includes a stunning exterior too. Our teas have a sophisticated, elegant packaging, which looks fantastic on a shelf at home as well as in cafés, hotels. Moreover, we will use biodegradable packaging in the near future, keeping up with eco-friendly lifestyle.